Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Little Black Bag

This is my direct link to join in on the fun: http://lbb.ag/2a6 at Littleblackbag.com

Little Black Bag is new website based loosely on mystery bags. Why loosely? Well, you take a style, taste, lifestyle, brand quiz which will sum up what type of handbag you are. Then you will be given an array of items to pick one from based on that quiz (you can change that result at any time for a new type of bag next time) and they throw in two mystery items (they'll tell you what brand and whether it's an accessory or jewelry, etc.). However, you cannot see these two until you "purchase" you bag. The actual charge is NOT made until your bag ships which is around $50.

Once the bag is "purchased" and items are revealed, comes the fun part: trading. Everyone's items in their bags show up in your gallery and you can pick which of yours you want to trade, and you will receive offers from people wanting to trade with you. YOU DONT HAVE TO. If you are content with your three items, you can click the SHIP NOW. If not, you have 7 days to trade. The outcome? You never know! It might be a bag with $100 in three items; one item worth over $100; 4 items! It all depends on what you trade. Ladies will offer you all three of their items for one of yours!

You can pick to purchase a bag whenever you want, or you can subscribe to a monthly one at a discounted price. Honestly, it's addictive and I've told them! My first month I bought 2 bags and as I type, I am on day 2 of my third bag. But check this out: she paid $100 in two weeks just for her? NO! I purchased 1 bag with a gift and one item for myself, and bag 2 with another gift and two items for myself. Now tell me who won there? The two recipients of Betsey Johnson sunglasses, or the person with Betsey Johnson earrings, BCBGeneration clutch, a silver cuff, and two bday gifts to give away for $100? Well sounds like the latter , but the first two will be just as excited LOL!

I suggest you give it a try. If you do not like what's in the bag, you can skip it. OR you can even get that EXTRA bag! ;)
Once you are on the site, you can follow other people (you'll learn to spot those that have your same tastes so you can trade with them), earn charms (number of trades, shares, purchases), and you can even earn credits for free items by getting you friends to join. They deliver via fedex and will let you know when your bag has shipped. Both times I have received my bag ahead of schedule which even added a bit of surprise factor LOL!

Feel free to ask me any questions, or contact LITTLE BLACK BAG at their dot-com, Facebook, @LBBag on twitter. They have awesome customer service via all means. I even got a phone call to check up on how I was liking the site, did I have any questions and a tweet of "it was nice talking to you today" (can't get more personal than that!).
Again, here's my link:


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