Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Little Black Bag

This is my direct link to join in on the fun: http://lbb.ag/2a6 at Littleblackbag.com

Little Black Bag is new website based loosely on mystery bags. Why loosely? Well, you take a style, taste, lifestyle, brand quiz which will sum up what type of handbag you are. Then you will be given an array of items to pick one from based on that quiz (you can change that result at any time for a new type of bag next time) and they throw in two mystery items (they'll tell you what brand and whether it's an accessory or jewelry, etc.). However, you cannot see these two until you "purchase" you bag. The actual charge is NOT made until your bag ships which is around $50.

Once the bag is "purchased" and items are revealed, comes the fun part: trading. Everyone's items in their bags show up in your gallery and you can pick which of yours you want to trade, and you will receive offers from people wanting to trade with you. YOU DONT HAVE TO. If you are content with your three items, you can click the SHIP NOW. If not, you have 7 days to trade. The outcome? You never know! It might be a bag with $100 in three items; one item worth over $100; 4 items! It all depends on what you trade. Ladies will offer you all three of their items for one of yours!

You can pick to purchase a bag whenever you want, or you can subscribe to a monthly one at a discounted price. Honestly, it's addictive and I've told them! My first month I bought 2 bags and as I type, I am on day 2 of my third bag. But check this out: she paid $100 in two weeks just for her? NO! I purchased 1 bag with a gift and one item for myself, and bag 2 with another gift and two items for myself. Now tell me who won there? The two recipients of Betsey Johnson sunglasses, or the person with Betsey Johnson earrings, BCBGeneration clutch, a silver cuff, and two bday gifts to give away for $100? Well sounds like the latter , but the first two will be just as excited LOL!

I suggest you give it a try. If you do not like what's in the bag, you can skip it. OR you can even get that EXTRA bag! ;)
Once you are on the site, you can follow other people (you'll learn to spot those that have your same tastes so you can trade with them), earn charms (number of trades, shares, purchases), and you can even earn credits for free items by getting you friends to join. They deliver via fedex and will let you know when your bag has shipped. Both times I have received my bag ahead of schedule which even added a bit of surprise factor LOL!

Feel free to ask me any questions, or contact LITTLE BLACK BAG at their dot-com, Facebook, @LBBag on twitter. They have awesome customer service via all means. I even got a phone call to check up on how I was liking the site, did I have any questions and a tweet of "it was nice talking to you today" (can't get more personal than that!).
Again, here's my link:


Saturday, February 25, 2012

In case you have been hiding under a rock

Si acaso han estado escondidas bajo una piedra, no han abierto una revista o visitado una tienda....
Gap, Calvin Klein, Jessica Simpson, todas marcas todas partes: ATREVANSE! Poco o mucho pero no le tengan miedo al color.
Para empezar compren alguna pieza o accesorio barato ya sea en Forever 21 u otra tienda juvenil barata o hasta en Wal-Mart. Si hasta en Wal-mart! (bajense del pedestal donde se treparon solas porq alla arriba esta media solitaria la cosa.)
Color de esta semana fue:
Pantalon Gap con cupon $36
Playera JCPenney $7
Cinto venia con unos pantalones naranjas de Zara de hace 7-8 años cuando se estuvieron usabdo estos mismos colores.
Y mis papos Steve Madden.

Que pasen bonito de fin semana

Saturday, February 18, 2012

What you SHOULD buy this Presidents Day Sale

Uy ya habia escrito un buen y se borro :(
Este fin de semana habran muchas ofertas tanto en tiendas como en linea por president's day el lunes. Pueden comprar merca super rebajada y oferta sobre oferta de lo que esta saliendo de temporada OOOOOOOO
pueden aprovechar y comprarse prendas y papos para primavera/verano. Con eso de que nosotros ni conocemos el invierno en mi pueblo estas prendas nos duran casi todo el año gracias al caloron!

Que se van a comprar? COLOR! NEON! Y neutrales para hacerle la balanza (si no te quieres arriesgar a mas color).
Blusita neutra con bottom de color o viceversa. Tal vez unos zapatos flourecentes. Y si no les parece/convence, empiezen con cintos...skinny en neon.
Asi como estan saliendo todos los zapatos de colores, colorblocking, y neones, viene mucho el corcho y el wedge de yute tipo alpargatas o sea COLORES NEUTRALES PARA BALANCEAR ;)
Las dejo sin post de outfit ya que toco fin de semana "deportista/atletico/espectador" y cero glamour (bueno...), pero si con unas muestrillas y hasta oferta! Ah! Si les da mucho miedo tanto color por favor no inviertan en algo que SABEN que no van a darle mucho uso.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Bag Week

I did it! I'm very lazy about switching my handbag. I have loads of them and end up using the same bag for a whole week...or two. So, just like I changed my coat everyday last week, I decided to challenge myself and go through my bags and change them everday as well. I do consider the clutch in bag as a teeny bit of cheating, so I'll try to keep on switching properly in the future. Now I'm brainstorming on what next week's challenge should be.

Monday: black Rebecca Minkoff Large Morning After Bag; Xmas gift from mom and pops.

Tuesday: red Jessica Simpson bag; Macy's on sale and with coupon $60.

Wednesday: chartreuse and patent green double clutch; Target $20.

Thursday: same clutch and Angry Little girls by Lela lee tote; $30 official website.

Friday: same clutch and Missoni by Target shopper $30.

Have an awesome weekend and dont forget: just because its expensive doesn't mean it's nice on you.


Thursday, February 16, 2012


Half of this outfit was purchased over 5 yrs ago. LOL. Im such a hoarder but it pays off!
Shoes $28 Frederick's of Hollywood. Yes THAT Frederick's.
Pants these are new brights from GAP regular $50, got them with a coupon for $30.
Colorblock belt not pictured $3.50, Forever21.
Chartreuse vneck $7 JCPenney, got it also in blue, pink and orange around 3 yrs ago.
Blazer $30 Forever21.
Necklace $6 clearance JCPenney around 6yrs ago.
Im doing the double bag today because of stuff i have to do for work. So the neon chartreuse clutch $20 Target.
Tote bag $30 from Angry Little Girls by Lela Lee.

Happy baby friday,

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Free, Vintage and POC

Todays outfit is very interesting.
My jacket which I acquired through a giveaway from blogger LA Catrina de la Moda is to die for! It is from Amour Vert, an eco line, and made of Tencel (a biodegradable textile made from wood pulp). Is it crunchy, stiff and everything that comes to mind with wood, tree, etc. connotation? NO! Its a soft supple fabric. It keeps you warm when its cool and cool when its warm. Que mas quieren?!
My two in one neon clutch is from my local Target, $20 also available in blue (I wanted both but controlled myself).
And the necklace. The necklace used to be my mom's when she was around my age or even a tad younger. She handed over all her multistrand necklaces to me a while back. Vintage score!
Tied everything down with a simple pair of wide leg jeans and wood wedges.

Im still working on my handbag week post. Its been tough switching bags everyday but totes worth it.

Happy Humpday

Friday, February 10, 2012


In honor of New York Fashion Week (and that the weather allowed it), I decided to pull out all of my trenchcoats and give them a spin for the week. I usually never get to wear them, but this week's cool and drizzly weather was perfect!
Here's the rundown:
Red 3/4 sleeve from 9 yrs ago from Target around $25
White from Zara 10 yrs ago around $60
Equestrian from 5 yrs ago, newports-news.com around $30
Patterned Missoni for Target regular price $79.95, taken of the hands of a friend that didn't like it for $40.
Black with lace print trim Jason Wu for Target $54.99.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Friday, February 3, 2012

Catching up: Cruise week

So even though i packed a few pieces to mix n match, I still came back with unworn items. Here goes the packing for evenings on my 7day cruise:
Betsey Johnson pink print shoes $50 Marshalls.
Purple tiered ruffled dress $24 Asos on sale asos.com
Snake embossed champagne clutch $7 Bakers (10yrs ago got 2).

Floral top Lauren Conrad $36 kohls
Gold sequined shorts Jessica Simpson, macys, on sale and coupon $30.
Suede cage shoes Nine West, ninewest.com $40 black friday.
Gold piping on Black faux suede evening purse, Free with purchase, Victoria's Secret.

The see thru tunic black with brush stroke, I ended up switching shorts for jeans. Top xmas gift courtesy of the big brother.

Ruffled navy, old navy. BOGO 50% off $20 for both.
Black retro, victoria's secret, $60.
Print black blue and white, newport-news.com, BOGO free $12 for both pieces.
Black ruffle top Victoria's secret $25,
Nike top nike outlet store $30 for the two pieces.
Brights old navy all 3 same BOGO 50% off sale.

I didnt post my pic of my two black evening dresses because
A) i didnt wear one
B) didnt take the other one
C) ended up getting an accordion pleated black satin dress at forever21 for a modest $25 that got MANY compliments (need a pic).

I hope to be back on a daily basis as soon as I catch up on sleep and housework from being away all these weekends.