Friday, February 17, 2012

Bag Week

I did it! I'm very lazy about switching my handbag. I have loads of them and end up using the same bag for a whole week...or two. So, just like I changed my coat everyday last week, I decided to challenge myself and go through my bags and change them everday as well. I do consider the clutch in bag as a teeny bit of cheating, so I'll try to keep on switching properly in the future. Now I'm brainstorming on what next week's challenge should be.

Monday: black Rebecca Minkoff Large Morning After Bag; Xmas gift from mom and pops.

Tuesday: red Jessica Simpson bag; Macy's on sale and with coupon $60.

Wednesday: chartreuse and patent green double clutch; Target $20.

Thursday: same clutch and Angry Little girls by Lela lee tote; $30 official website.

Friday: same clutch and Missoni by Target shopper $30.

Have an awesome weekend and dont forget: just because its expensive doesn't mean it's nice on you.


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