Saturday, March 31, 2012

Coral! Coral!

You cannot even begin to fathom my excitement over my new hi low skirt!! The actual hi part was a decent length, the chiffon wasn't cheapy stuff, AAAAND THE COLOR!!
No se pueden ni empezar a imaginar mi emocion sobre mi nueva faldita alta baja!! Todo me encanto: la parte alta no tan alta, el chifon no tan corriente, y el color!! El coloor!!
Lauren Conrad for Kohl's $44 on sale 30% off PLUS my 30% off coupon.

The shadow polka dot top is the icing on the cake of my "sweet" look. I'm usually not the type of person that goes all out with the pretty and sweet and pastels. I will normally toughen it up, darken it up, bold it up. This time i caved.
La blusa de bolitas sombreada fue lo que hizo que quedara el outfit sweety a punto de turron. Normalmente no me pongo toda de pasteles ni claros ni frufri ni nada todo asi. Tipico que le avientas el elemento rudo, oscuro, vaya algun contraste. Pero esta vez cai.
Apt 9 top $28, 50% off, plus 30% off coupon. Kohl's.

Off white tuxedo cropped jacket from Forever 21 from two years ago.
Saco tipo tux corto de Forever21 de hace dos años.

My "dancing shoes" (aka I dont dance in them but theyre just THAT comfy) Colin Stuart, sale $20. Bought these and in gold.
Mis papos pal baile (que ni bailo en ellos solo que estan SUPER comodos) son Colin Stuart de en oferta a $20 me compre tambien en "dora'o".

Earrings and necklace from As you've noticed I havent taken them off. LOL.
Joyeria de que se podran haber dado cuenta que no me la he quitado.

Melie Bianco Alyssa purse from previous posts.
Bolso de Melie Bianco de posts previos.

Que pasen bonito fin de semana!
Have an awesome weekend!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My BRIGHTS continue

Y siguen los colores chingame la pupila...

Pantalones coral y sueter azul rey (coral pants and royal blue sweater) GAP

Blue green belt (cinto azul y verde) FOREVER 21 similar at ASOS.

Green cami (cami verde) similar here

Blue canvas and patent clutch (bolso de lona y charol azul) TARGET.

Baby Phat shoes (zapatos de Baby Phat) gift from the mom purchased at MACY'S on sale and with a coupon.

Lo mas caro fueron los pantalones $40 con cupon.
Most expensive item was the coral pants $40 purchased with a coupon.

Orange jeans (naranjas) FOREVER 21 similar here.

Light blue jean top (bluson de mezclilla clara) KOHL'S similar to this one

Leopard print Havari "man slippers" ("pantunflas de de señor" leopardo) STEVE MADDEN via DSW. They only have black available. However you can get them anywehre and EVERYWHERE now. EXPRESS carries them and my GO-TO peeps from Kohl's have them on sale for $20 right now.

Lo mas caro fueron los zapatos. Most expensive item were the shoes DUH!

I cant wait for tomorrow's outfit. If only the shoes would get here! But oh well I'll have to work around it for now.
Until then...


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blame it on the Bangles

It was a busy weekend this past one. Despite the fact that I look forward to weekends just to stay home, I had a blast due to several (fashion) reasons.

We'll start with friday night's trip to the mailbox: there it was my little yellow padded envelope with the word "fragile" written in the unmistakeable penmanship. My two sets of bangles from mishshell came in. One set is black and gold (with my fave that has red), and the other the blue and silver (fave is the coin one that makes me sound like a walking tambourine!).

Along came saturday which I had no plans for when the hubby's like "let's hit up a bar". OBVIOUSLY it was the PERFECT excuse to wear my brand spanking new bangles. I opted for the black and gold set and added my Forever21 rose cuff. Pulled on my horse print shirt/jacket from Forever21 over a basic black tank and jeans. Grabbed my BCBGeneration python clutch from Little Black Bag, and pulled my hair up into a sock bun. READY!

Four hours later on Sunday morning, I'm up and getting ready for a bridal shower brunch. Pulled on a new Target xhilaration dress, threw my Forever21 blazer over it, added some dollhouse muted gold and cork heels and took the clutch from the night before. OF COURSE color palette called for the OTHER set of bangles from mishshell as well as my multistrand one, and my RJ Graziano wave cuff from Little Black Bag.

Monday back to work, back to normal schedule since Spring break is over and kiddo goes back to school. Being the first week of spring, I pulled out brights over brights over print. Printed skirt from Target, pink top from Old Navy, blue on blue clutch from Target, strappy orange and pink shoes from Newport News, and yes yes you guessed it the blue and silver set of bangles AGAIN!
BTW I'm wearing the black and gold set as I type. LOL!

Last but certainly NOT LEAST. I was finally able to stop by the post office to pick up my Little Black Bag of this month. In it: Steve Madden leather and fabric Bflorall envelope clutch ($118), and Robert Rose earrings ($10). Paid less than $50 for the whole bag/box and i did wait for the whole 7 days in case something else popped up in the gallery. HOWEVER, everyone wanted these two items! It was a constant 5 offers per hour for them. Sorry girls, no one offered anything worth giving up these babies for.

All right, creo que fue todo. Enjoy your first day of spring and don't let the allergies get to you!


Friday, March 16, 2012

Croc, Pewter & Blue

No, its not a new law firm, just today's outfit! Pudum psht! LOL!

Blue printed top by Heart Soul from JCPenney.

Guess pewter croc tote from Macy's clearance tables.

Pewter Larina wedges by Pour la Victoire are my new babies! Reg. $285 were on sale for $80 and i had a coupon. Final price $70 from DSW.

Multistrand personalized bracelet from mishshell

Silver curved cuff from Little Black bag by RJ Graziano.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend! Don't spend too much money and stay tuned for my new bag from Little Black bag.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cheap cheaper cheapem

Today I realized my purse cost me more than my entire outfit JAJAJAJA

Periwinkle cork platty wedges by Lauren Conrad for Kohl's: reg. 69.99, on sale for $41.99, with 30% off coupon=around $31. However RIGHT NOW they're even cheaper online 34.99 and LOOK FOR THOSE COUPON CODES (there should be a 20% off right now).

Jeans are my old (2002) Paris blues from clearance rack at Mervyns (those $0.18 red sticker ones) that I got hemmed for $20MXN and today cuffed.

Handmade Top, ebay $8. Similar silk ponchos here. If you're a local, Sara's Boutique has something similar in stock.

So where's the purse?! Ajajajajaja oopsy I used my Melie Bianco coral Alyssa.

Tomorrow's post will be based around my Little Black Bag that I need to go pick up at usps. I cant wait to wear my goodies that are in that box.

Til then

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Michael Kors Score!

Its been a while since the last post. Despite this not being an actual outfit post, I'm VERY excited about sharing.
This week I found at Marshall's an '07 silver tweed Michael Kors dress. Its very lady like with a 3/4 sleeve, and the length is so tea time darlin, but the collar just SCREAMS Jackie O, and well the silver keeps it from being so ho hum. I was able to find a pic although its in gold. Now the $$. The original price tag is on it $200. I paid $29 for from the clearance rack at Marshall's, BUT they only had sizes 10 and up. So now I shall head over to the tailor to get it a little fitted and hemmed to make it even LESS ho hum.
I shall keep you posted on the TOTAL price.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March 6 outfit

Today's outfit of the day. Well, not in its entirety unless I'm walking around without pants and shoes LOL! Basically, these are the important pieces today:

Jacket Amour Vert scored from La Catrina de la Moda
POC: Energie cami from Kohl's clearance racks
Morning After Bag by Rebecca Minkoff, Christmas present from the parents purchased off
BCBGeneration Andy ipad/clutch from Little Black Bag
where I purchased it together with Betsey Johnson sunglasses for $50.
Earrings $24 and necklace $22 by mishshell and used a coupon on top of that.
Not pictured: my The Limited flares and Steve Madden Warrick clogs.

Have a FANTASTIC Tuesday!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Starting off March

Starting off March with a BANG! But you can with a pop, it's ok.

Random workday I think it was Thursday:
Forever21 (or 21 Por Vida like a friend calls it) purple and coral nightjacket from many posts before. I LOVE this jacket because I can mix n match it with so many things, prints, and colors. I'm having a harder time pulling off the same jacket in black with a pony print.
Coral pants from Gap "Broken In Khakis" from the new denim and color line.

Friday: (I'm on a mission to out color my weekly bank teller since HE's always rocking a bright dress shirt)
Forever21 blue blazer $29.80 (BTW if you sign up for their emails, you will get coupons. YES! Coupons for forever 21 it can get EVEN cheaper!).
Old Navy fuchsia top.

Saturday for my niece's birthday:
Forever 21 bright orange skinny jeans (WOOHOO THEY ACTUALLY FIT MY BOOTY!) $29.80
Floral bustier top Lauren Conrad for Kohl's.
Same nightjacket.
Chartreuse canvas and patent green clutch Target (was finally able to score the blue one thanks to the mom!).

As for the jewelry, I also posted it because it's also a pop of color!
I ordered these from
She makes he most beautiful and dainty jewelry and EXTREMELY affordable. AND GUESS WHAT? Yup she also has coupons! It took me about a month to decided on what pieces i wanted because I want all of them!
I ended up getting some earrings, a necklace, and a multi-strand bracelet with a hand-stamped letter. For sure I'll be wearing these tomorrow.

I know I've been slacking off and not posting daily, but thank goodness I've been pretty busy.
Facebook page is kind of up and running. I'm still trying to get a hang of the whole timeline and linking it to Twitter and back and forth. Addy is
So drop by and give a thumbs up.

Have a wonderful and colorful week because Spring Break is almost here and well so is Spring! LOL