Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cheap cheaper cheapem

Today I realized my purse cost me more than my entire outfit JAJAJAJA

Periwinkle cork platty wedges by Lauren Conrad for Kohl's: reg. 69.99, on sale for $41.99, with 30% off coupon=around $31. However RIGHT NOW they're even cheaper online 34.99 and LOOK FOR THOSE COUPON CODES (there should be a 20% off right now).

Jeans are my old (2002) Paris blues from clearance rack at Mervyns (those $0.18 red sticker ones) that I got hemmed for $20MXN and today cuffed.

Handmade Top, ebay $8. Similar silk ponchos here. If you're a local, Sara's Boutique has something similar in stock.

So where's the purse?! Ajajajajaja oopsy I used my Melie Bianco coral Alyssa.

Tomorrow's post will be based around my Little Black Bag that I need to go pick up at usps. I cant wait to wear my goodies that are in that box.

Til then

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