Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Free, Vintage and POC

Todays outfit is very interesting.
My jacket which I acquired through a giveaway from blogger LA Catrina de la Moda is to die for! It is from Amour Vert, an eco line, and made of Tencel (a biodegradable textile made from wood pulp). Is it crunchy, stiff and everything that comes to mind with wood, tree, etc. connotation? NO! Its a soft supple fabric. It keeps you warm when its cool and cool when its warm. Que mas quieren?!
My two in one neon clutch is from my local Target, $20 also available in blue (I wanted both but controlled myself).
And the necklace. The necklace used to be my mom's when she was around my age or even a tad younger. She handed over all her multistrand necklaces to me a while back. Vintage score!
Tied everything down with a simple pair of wide leg jeans and wood wedges.

Im still working on my handbag week post. Its been tough switching bags everyday but totes worth it.

Happy Humpday