Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sales and clearance and coupons! OH MY!

The sale/clearance rack/bin, the torture to lazy women, the embarrassing area to snobs, is my best friend. The key to sales and clearances (or even worse: discount stores) is PATIENCE. My plan is go in, pull pull pull, then edit. Once you're loaded, step aside, see what you have. Are you REALLY going to wear that gold lamé top with appliques? I dont care if its $3!! But you will wear that $25 skirt. Not your size? Go back and look for that skirt only (please put back the top).
There are people that honestly are embarrassed to be seen anywhere NEAR a sale rack. Well, your loss my gain. If thats your case, GO ONLINE! You might have to pay for shipping but look at it as your embarrassment fee (if you're lazy...well there's a fee for that too). Just keep in mind that while some items you can score online are not instore, the ones that are will be cheaper instore.
Coupons people. As much of an incentive that they are to drag you into the store when you dont need anything, they are also your friends. Online: google them. Codes. Printables. Join email lists to your favesies. My go to coupon sites are, My best example: Banana Republic mad men collection lace shell top $6 in store NOT outlet. How? It was on sale, had a discount coupon and had rewards gift certificate.
Cashback. Not only will your creditcard do it but also linking thru websites. If you're a LUCKY mag subscriber, theres There's also and my link at Besides being cashback, they also list coupons.
Ready to gag snobbysnobs? Ross Burlington Coat Factory, Marshalls. Trendy, one season pieces should not be expensive. You will not wear them again! Back in the grunge days, I bought THE cutest layering top at Ross for a whopping $3.48! That same week I stopped by our city's luxury store inside the mall, same top $40 ;)
FYI when and if you hit up the outlets or discounts stores, go comfy in easy on/off shoes and clothes. Some items cannot be returned so TRY THEM ON LAZYHEADS!
So happy hunting, even if it means going incognito.

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