Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More, We Always Want More

You know those unforgettable moments in life when you realize that your extremely comfy and chic shoes are made in another color so you buy several pairs? Theres also a few of us that have taken our favorite piece of clothing to the seamstress to have it duplicated. Well, I felt like this should not be restricted to clothes. After a mad craze years ago over fish shaped jewelry, I was sucked into buying a fish skeleton necklace at a streetmarket in Mexico City (si! En un mercado sobre ruedas. En un tianguis). I wore that necklace religiously but it was your typical mexican silver, and sometimes life calls for a lil bling. Cue in a friend at the time that has a jewelry store and an "oye tu crees que se pueda?". Two weeks later I had a gold piece with a lil me touch in the sparkly eye (the original was just a dent). It was a good investment since I wore it to death (of the trend). Most importantly since I was able to get it made by a "local", I did not have to pay a ridiculous tripled (at least) price tag on it. I have recently pulled it out from storage and revived that dead fish LOL!
MORALEJA DEL DIA DE HOY: a falta de Brad Pitt, ahi esta William Levy.

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