Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bikini Obsession

So I may not have the exercise obsessed body, but like shoes and bags, I have a VERY disturbed obsession over two pieced hell. I'm a sucker for a bikini clearance, but most importantly I'm a sucker for a two piece that fits and comes in a variety of colors.
I buy my pieces in pieces or together. However, i buy them in the same color family so i can mix and match and have EVEN more suit combos.
I'll buy them out of season, theyre cheaper. You'll find pieces at Target for less than $4. Ill go through online sales, BOGO sales on , if you find a pieces that fits and flatters GET MORE! Buy your suit, try it on at home, store dressing rooms are depressing and youll leave empty handed and youll starve yourself for weeks!
So, here are my fave pieces, my mix and match go to's when i travel. Blacks, blues, brights!

- Chinita

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