Thursday, December 15, 2011

Que No Han Comprado Regalos?!

So you haven't started your xmas shopping yet? *manazo* BAD!
Here are the TOP 5 reasons why shouldn't wait until the week before Xmas:

1.- YA NO HAY NI MADRES!----there's nothing left.

2.- ESTA HASTA LA MADRE!!-----its packed.

3.- MIRAAAA!! Lo encontre por internet. checkout. al dia siguiente "your item is currently on backorder".
QUE HAGO?! LO ESPERO? IRA  A LLEGAR A TIEMPO!!?----i had you at backorder

4.- WOOHOO!! YA LLEGO MI PAQUETE! ay esta....CHICO/GRANDE/CHAFO/DEFECTUOSO. lo regreso...YA NO HAY/NO LLEGO.---return/exchange/sold out.

5.- USPS/UPS/FEDEX PERDIO MI PAQUETE DIC. 23.----delivered? nothing was delivered!!!

On that note, here's what you can do (if you can) before you head out/log on shopping.
mom-the sweater she has her eye on
dad-the book he can't get ahold of
kids/tweens-little trinket with a gift card. they get something to hold on to, but can also get whatever THEY WANT.
so on, so forth.
Make the list, if not the rest of the tips will be useless, and you'll find yourself wandering the mall flustered, upset, clueless and buying crap for people you're SUPPOSED to care about.

Once you have that list made, if you're not going to do online shopping, STILL GO TO THE WEBSITES.
This way  you have an idea or what you're going to spend and/or do price comparisons of different stores.
This will save you ALOT of time (and headaches) by heading directly to specific stores instead of walking THE WHOLE PACKED MALL.

3.- COUPONS!!!!!
Once you know what stores you're heading to, go online. GOOGLE coupons for the stores KEY WORDS: IN STORE; PRINTABLE. Even the store website have TXT options and they'll send you over coupons. ie Penguin, JCPenney, Charlotte Russe.

The great thing about online shopping is even if you don't have a coupon you can do a link thru and get some cashback (and check you're credit card's cashback or points too). ie EBATES, UPROMISE, MYLUCKYREWARDS, your credit card's website. The cashback links will usually have coupons listed too, but if you google them separately, you'll find more.

Look for them, call, check your account online. DO SOMETHING! I used my Amazon card rewards to do some holiday shopping. I also linked my Discover card to my Amazon account and I have the option of using my Discover cashback at Amazon.

You will (most likely) see stuff you like for yourself. STOP. STEP BACK. (or put on hold tee-hee). First do all the gifts shopping AND THEN if your wallet permits it, go back and get that little thing for yourself (even if you dont deserve it for being a CHRISTMAS PROCRASTINATOOOOR!).

So, I bid you adieu and good luck. AND REMEMBER....don't get upset at the people at the stores, it's YOUR fault you're there in the first place.


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